Mimi2My LIVE YOUR DREAMS fund has helped its first artist!!!

Mimi Ntenjwa is a 25 year old honours graduate in Jazz Performance from UCT. She graduated with a first class pass last year and made a perfect choice to receive a helping hand in the next stage of her musical career.  In December she used her LIVE YOUR DREAMS funding to book a day in Paris Studios to record a 5 track demo. Her material is fresh, melodic, jazzy and beautifully African. I was so excited to listen to it last week and am blown away by her talent and voice!

Since she finished the demo she has moved up to Joburg where she has focussed on booking gigs and sending out the demo. She recently performed at The Cape Town Jazz Festival with Heads Up,  and has already had 2 offers of record deals on the strength of her demo - INCREDIBLE!

I feel so blessed to be witnessing my vision of LIVE YOUR DREAMS actually working as Mimi goes from strength to strength.  We connected for a chat last week and to make things even more magical Mimi shared with me her ultimate longterm vision of establishing a music school in a township that will be accessible to musicians who can't afford to go to university and will allow their talent to be developed right where they live.  WHAT AN AMAZING DREAM!

Part of LIVE YOUR DREAMS for me is that the artists we help with in turn help other artists so that success continues to be paid forward. I hadn't yet communicated that to Mimi, so to hear that she already is looking to see where she can make  difference just blew me away. 

I am so excited to see where her career as a singer and a visionary goes. It can only go up!!!

Check out www.iamverity.com to find out more and to get involved by buying your future copy of my CD "Yet To Be" that is already making a difference