I just finished watching a movie that has left me deeply moved. A Girl In A Cafe is written & directed by Richard Curtis (4 Weddings & A Funeral) - need I say more - & features Kelly McDonald (Trainspotting) & Bill Knightly (Love Actually).  Watch it!!!

Apart from being a achingly real and awkard love story it also follows the politics involved in the recent G8 conference. The statistics on world poverty & hunger are staggering and heart breaking. This movie has something for everyone, but what resonated with me is how much aid 1st world countries can give to the 3rd world & effectively alleviate poverty and suffering as well as work towards long-term empowerment.

I sit here in the comfort of knowing where my next meal will come from, secure that I have a roof over my head and infinite choices as to how I can live my life at any moment. A Girl In A Cafe brought home to me with staggering gravity just how fortunate I am, and that I fall into the top 3% of the world. With that knowledge, how is it possible not to want to be part of making sure the suffering doesn't continue?

I don't know how, but today I find myself even more committed to making a difference.The work I hope to do with Live Your Dreams & POWA are just a start.   

Where will you start?