Mimiverity Regarding how I chose Mimi to be the first Live Your Dreams artist of my Lucky Packet Project...

When I decided to offer Mimi the first live your dreams artist payout, I had never actually heard her sing. We had met at a braai and once more at an audition and I just really liked her energy. I knew of 2 groups that she sang with (Mama Vox & Tucan Tucan) so could be pretty sure she is a great singer. In our second brief meeting, she mentioned she was working on some original material...

Just before I went overseas I realised I needed to have someone to give the Live Your Dreams money to when I hit the first 250 sales. I phoned Mimi up and asked her what she was doing with her original material. She told me she was rehearsing with a band and hoped to record a demo when she had raised some money. That was all I needed to hear. My vision with LIVE YOUR DREAMS is to help people who are already committed to helping themselves. The first help I got in my career only came after I had committed to making things happen for myself no matter what. I didn't need to hear Mimi's material, just that she was already taking the steps to make her dream a reality - that was enough.

We kept in touch while I was away and I was impressed by how she got things moving along. It was only 2 weeks ago that I finally heard her demo and it is great! I am really excited that it is helping her so much already, but as a woman and artist I have no doubts she was already on a path for success before I offered her Live Your Dreams funding.

Another part of the concept of Live Your Dreams, is that the artists it helps will in turn 'pay forward' the favour to other developing artists as they go. I had never communicated this with Mimi so was going to wait until I nominated my second artist to let them know that part of the deal.  You can imagine how blown away I was when Mimi told me that her ultimate vision is to start a Music School in the townships to help musicians who can't afford university the same opportunites she has had.

That conversation with her has left me so excited and hopeful for the future, that artists like Mimi are already seeing where they can use their success to make a difference. I am so glad that my leap of faith to help her without knowing much about her has proved to be the perfect choice!

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