Studio10 On January 13th I got to go to a VIP event for Country Music and Nascar in Nashville.  Iknew we had to get dressed up etc, but it was only when my house mate pulled up her car outside the venue and I saw hoards of screaming fans and television crews, that I realised this was a real deal 'red carpet' event.

It was freezing outside with swarms of valets to help guests etc, and I very uncooly got out the car while my friends were still getting themselves together, and so I had to stand there looking very unsure as to how this South African singer had ended up at a country music event feeling totally out of place.

Once we had collected ourselves we watched our car get whisked away and turned to brave the red carpet. Let me tell you, they are very strange things to walk down when nobody knows you but are desparately trying to figure out if you are anyone important. As I dodged my way past celebrities doing their interviews and made it into the relative safety of the venue I couldn't help but wonder why the hell do people think this means you've 'arrived' in life?

Don't get me wrong, it was a great experience and the evening was really great with awesome artists like Trisha Yearwood, Vince Gill and Michael McDonald performing. But, sitting there at our gorgeous table, surrounded by stars of Country and Nascar, it hit me that they are just people trying to make the most of their lives like everyone else. It was like visiting another school for a day and realising they have the same rules as us, just different uniforms.

It was a good moment for me as an artist who is trying to break the market. I realised that a gig is just a gig, whether I am playing for 20 people or 20 thousand. All that changes are the parametres. The lesson I walked away with is if I am happy with where I am right now I wont miss the precious moments that make up this journey. Walking a red carpet is part of the job of being an artist, it means nothing about who you are.

I'm so glad I got to see that now. As much as I look forward to attending many industry events in my life, and walking the red carpet, the best carpet I will ever get to walk on is the one that leads into my family living room, because that is where I truly belong.