I walk around the grocery story and am overwhelmed with sadness when I see old people carefully selecting their groceries and checking the price. My heart feels like it will break, watching their wrinkled faces and shaking  hands as their bodies barely carry them up & down the aisles.

I am left wondering how it is that youth escapes us so suddenly and we are left redundant and desperately trying to hold on and get by. It is like the world just forgets we were ever here.

How can I help? I just want to reach out and make a difference. I hate that there are parents out there starving so they can feed their children. Who’s every day is a worry of how they are going to pay the rent, the electricity, the groceries. So many of us just float through this life with never having to worry about those basic needs.

I look around and I wonder who decides who gets the really shitty end of the stick? Why them and not me?  And explain this to me… why is it with everything going my way I still feel screwed up. Why is it that middle to upper class people are keeping the shrinks nicely in business and that they don’t stop to think about the fact that one session could pay for an entire families monthly expenses in a third world country.

How is it, that that knowledge isn’t enough for us to be overwhelmed with gratitude and give thanks for the supply we have in our lives? How is it, that it seems to drive us to just be more greedy and self involved? How, do we mobilize the privileged in this world to reach out to those less fortunate?

It starts right here. One act of kindness that you could easily not have done, but that may just restore hope in humanity for the person you extend it to. Taking the time to realize that people don’t choose to sweep our streets, cleans our toilets. They have to work because they too have families they would die for that they want to make a difference for.

I really hope that all of us with more than enough take the time to be humbled by the lives led by those who don’t have enough. And possibly we see where we can make some sort of contribution. Teach a skill, create an opportunity, donate left over food, collect old clothes, give them a voice.

We can stand to learn so much from those less fortunate than us. They know the true value of life because they fight to experience it everyday. It is a sobering thought that is only when we are robbed of our rights that we realize how precious they are. Don’t wait to lose the things you blessed with to appreciate them. Look around today and give thanks for all that you have and then see how you can pay some of that forward.