Jackson2 At the beginning of December I was lucky enough to move into a really beautiful house in East Nashville with a great roommate Tina, and her gorgeous Weimaraner Jackson.  I haven't lived with a dog since I was a kid, and had forgotten how quickly they get under your skin.

Jackson is the king of the house and has no idea how big he is. He loves being whe rever the action is - usually us curled on the couch vegging - and cuddles up taking up most of the available space. In the last week or so I haven't been working, so when Tina heads off to work I can hear him whining at my door to come in. Once I let him in there is no keeping him from getting into bed with me right under the blankets! I swear he thinks he is the size of a cat!Jackinbed_2

All of a sudden there is this creature other than myself that I am taking into consideration. It has been amazing to see how even on a freezing day I will pull on my warmest clothes and take him for a run. He gets so excited the minute I start putting on my sneakers it just breaks my heart and I feel really great doing it for him.

I keep on having really special moments with this big gentle dog who is teaching me the joy of doing something for him that often turns out to be rewarding for me.  Today was a turning point, when I took him to the vet to have a sore paw checked out. For one he is SO good and I felt really proud to have everyone oohing and aaahing over him. And there in the vet's room, he was so nervous and kept checking to see that I was there and buried his head in my jersey while his paw was being worked on. I can't remember when I felt so wanted, loved and necessary. It was a gift.

Jackvee2 I have 2 weeks left till I head to New York, and I am going to miss that big beautiful dog when I go. It has been a blessing to connect with this regal creature who has accepted me as one of his own.