Love is endless. Need is finite. Give love, not need.


If you need something from someone, it implies you think you lack something. That is a scary proposition for another person to deal with. What if they don’t have what you need? What if they are lacking?

They don’t want to find out the answer to that. So what do they do? They squash your need to keep themselves safe. They don’t mean to do it to hurt you, they are just protecting themselves.

If you come into a relationship with only love to give, it’s because that is what  you’re already giving yourself. It doesn’t mean the relationship has to work out, but you won’t lose anything if it doesn’t. You will be fine. You came in complete with infinite love to give.

There is no fear in love. Fear lives in need. No-one can give you anything you can’t already give yourself.

Keep your vision of your life clear. It doesn’t need any supporting actors to make sense. It is your soliloquy. Enjoy that vast stage and every word you utter. Allow other actors to play their parts but don’t try to be their part and ask them to be yours. You signed up for the role, so play it with aplomb! You are the lead in your story – the center of your universe. You don’t need to orbit anyone else’s sun – you have all the light you need. Shine it!

Create a life that is full with the things you love. Activity enriches you. Nature never stops growing so neither should you.

People pass through our pictures but they aren’t the lines, they are the colours. Define your lines – make them bold and easy to colour in. Don’t wait for someone else’s colours to make sense of your picture.

Be sure that the people you choose bring colours that are worthy of the picture you would make. It is yours alone. Choose the frame and hang it well. Admire other people’s painting but don’t think theirs are where you need to be. You are all hanging in the same gallery. You are a complete work of art exactly the way you are. Don’t forget that.

It doesn't need to be hard. It isn't hard - you just think it is. Everything keeps on growing and turning and dying regardless of how you feel about it. Everything you experience is what you choose to see. So - see the magic and don't get so stuck on how you think things should be. Start enjoying them exactly the way they are are.