Speaklivebe The best part about my Lucky Packet Project on my website is the cool feedback I get from people buying future copies of my album "Yet To Be". It keeps me motivated to keep on making this idea a reality.

It is only through encouragement that we find the courage to push our limits.  My committment to my journey is made stronger everytime someone takes the time to give me a thumbs up.  It is something I hope I do for everyone I believe in. It is easy to forget to tell people what we think of how they are doing. We can do so much good just by extending kind and supportive words.

Here are some that I have been blessed to receive...

Future Owner # 92, Jason from Canada says:
"Verity's music ignites that 'umph', that 'hells ya!', that 'this is awesome!' feeling inside of us. Her music has the ability to move someone emotionally and mentally into all kinds of states...enthusiasm, sorrow, hope and joy."

Future Owner #195, Brett from Cape Town says:                                                                         I think this is an awesome story of tenacity and the South African spirit and makes us all realise that we can do anything we want, there is always a way. I was just taken aback by Verity's ingenuity & spirit & maybe [we] can help others become aware of her & just maybe another South African will make a mark on the rest of the world.

Future Owner #235, Michelle from Johannesburg says:                                                       Congratulations on following your dream! I am honoured to be a part of this and to buy your CD.  I know what it’s like to have to believe in yourself and to realize your dream – often we have people around us to support us, but at the end of the day, we are the ones who need to believe in ourselves to make our dreams come true! Good luck with every single thing.

Allan B - Cape Town
...by the looks of things Miss Verity - the way you have been sowing seeds of GIVING to others, compassion, humility, boldness, pain and grief - I personally think God is about to rock your boat BIG TIME and you are going to start reaping. . . alllllllll the goodness AND LOVE you have sown into the lives of others over the years.

Future Owner #185-6, Donald from Switzerland says:                                                                Sitting in Switzerland at the moment and the South African network has come through again.  I received the link to your website/concept and think it is brilliant.  You will be happy to know that I have ordered 2 CDs nogal, so hurry up and record!  I wish you all the success in future and may your daring approach pay off and bring you, not only wealth and success but happiness too.

Future Owner #321, Jason from United States says:                                                                    I listened to the cd you gave me on the trip back to Knoxville. I absolutely love your voice. There are singers that you hear and then there are singers that you feel. I can definitely feel the emotion in your voice. Beautiful stuff.