You wouldn’t only have missed out on your favourite books, the internet, and the entire world of computers, you’d be confused and frustrated every day by road signs, bus timetables, street names and posters.

HELP2READ has trained volunteers who help the same child twice a week for one year, so children get priceless, long term, one-on-one care and support. They provide the attention and the tools, and children can choose to spend their half hour however they like. Children quickly find a book they love and learn to love reading.

help2read is a South African charity based on the methods developed over the last 30 years by UK charity Volunteer Reading Help (VRH: This charity has had astounding results and has improved the reading, self-confidence and lives of all the students (and volunteers) involved.

They need YOUR help with books, donations and volunteers to go to schools to mentor a child. For more information, please contact them:

8060, Help2Read
P.O. Box 313, Sea Point, Cape Town, 

South Africa

Mob: +27 (0)82 886 1706, Tel:  +27 (0)21 424 3353, Fax: +27 (0)21 424 3355

help2read – Improve lives, Forever.