Group_2 The day after my birthday I headed up to Karatara again with some friends to visit the Eden Campus again. I was very excited, because accompanying me on the trip was Oren, from LA, who was going to film the students to be part of his movie about people making their dreams come true; Donna, my new manager, to give the students a guru lecture on marketing & Jan, a Swiss photographer, to capture the students on film and turn his pictures into an amazing moving image piece!

Dreams_1Notice_1  As you can imagine the students welcomed our international group with open arms! The day after we arrived we were joined by my close friends Claire & Caroline. Claire works on helping get funding for the campus in Cape Town & Caroline is an amazing photographer (she takes all my pics),  so she charged around the campus doing portraits of the students.

It was an incredible two days, with what looked like a national geographic film crew Donna_teach3_1moving Joe_studentsaround Karatara. I got to sing ‘Shine’ with the students & they then wrote up their dreams on big boards & Jan took pictures of them  declaring their dreams to the world!

Donna gave an inspiring lecture on marketing that the students just lapped up, and by the end of it they were begging her to stay on and teach them full time! Oren interviewed a bunch of students and then gave them some brand new soccer balls, which were a huge hit!

All in all, it was another inspiring trip to Karatara & the Eden Campus and we all left humbled by the amount of faith & desire the students display despite their impoverished backgrounds. There is no doubt when you are with them that you are in the presence of future community leaders!