For the last few years I have been moaning about all the work it takes for me to pretty much single handedly guide my career. I often find myself completely shattered by the time I actually get to a performance because I have had to orchestrate everything from rehearsals, to publicity, to transport to finances.

So, while I was in Nashville, I decided to stop whining and start seeing the ‘team’ I would love to have working with me. I wrote down all the great things I would love about them and stuck it up around my room on purple post-it notes. That way, whenever I was doing something I kept seeing affirmation of what I was inviting into my life…

DonnaveeWell, time ticked on and I kept on plugging away doing all the legwork myself. CD sales continued to go well, and more and more I noticed that complete strangers were becoming Future Owners. One such person is Future Owner #288 Donna McCallum from Cape Town. After buying her future copy, she was so impressed by the Lucky Packet Project that she sent it on her own newsletter Musings of a Fairy Godmother. This resulted in more sales as well as the project being spotted by the Springwise Newsletter, which led to loads of international press!

I immediately emailed her to thank her for her support, and she suggested that when I was back in Cape Town we could meet up. A few weeks after I returned we finally met for a coffee and got on like a house on fire. Her background is in marketing and she is a powerhouse when it comes to innovation and making things happen. Both of us have a passion for people living their dreams and the process that goes into facilitating that. After a few meetings Donna told me that she would love to manage the business side of what I do & get Lucky Packet flying high! I am so excited to be working with her, as her energy brings a lot of magic to this project and I know we will make a huge difference for the causes we BELIEVE IN!!!