Sarjulme Well, I arrived in New York on Friday 24th Feb from Nashville. Even my flight into the city was exciting. ...

My connection from Chicago had me sitting next two students on their way for a five day trip to NY. We got chatting, and before we knew it the two hour rather bumpy flight was over and we were firm friends. Sarah, Juliet and I decided to negotiate the shuttle and train journey together and it was wonderful to not be struggling with my bags all on my own.Julietme_1

We promised we would meet up at my gig on Tuesday night and I was sad to see them go when I had to change trains. I then found myself surrounded by my luggage on a freezing platform waiting for my connecting trains. I used the wait to start taking in everything around me – the people, the smells, the sounds. Everything shouted “Big City”! I have always be told New York is a crazy place and can be quite unfriendly, but looking at the people sharing the platform with me I decided not to buy into that and struck up a conversation with the woman next to me.

As always taking the step and crossing the barrier of stranger to friend was a magical one. Within two minutes of chatting she informed me that she loves South African music and even belongs to a New York network called Scatterlings that follow SA music over here. Donna then helped me get my bags on the train and we even started a conversation with another passenger as we rocketed towards the city.  On my first journey into the city ever I was struck by how wonderful it is to put yourself out into the unfamiliarity and how within minutes you will start surrounding yourself with support you never knew what out there.

Bitterend That support followed me well into my trip here and I was so happy to receive an email from Donna on Saturday wishing me well for my time here. I then found out that she had sent out a message on her Scatterlings netw ork about my gig on Tuesday – wow! Then, yesterday as I was on my way to my show at The Bitter End I got a call from Sarah and Sarjulietme_2Juliet to say they were on their way to watch me. I was blown away at how quickly in life we can created meaningful connections with unexpected people who then take their time to give us the thumbs up in our journey!  Seeing them arrive last night at my show was such a joy. I couldn’t help but wonder at the magic that permeates every experience I have, and acknowledge that if I hadn’t put myself out there into the big unknown, I would never have crossed paths with these special people who have added infinitely to my experience of the Big Apple.