Group2_2   Looking back at the girl who arrived in Miami last September, hired a car and drove across three states to find music city, I have come a long way! It has been an incredible adventure for me to be immersed in the deep south of America and to learn all things ‘Country’ from the ground up. As I started packing my bags last week I felt incredibly sad to be leaving the city I have called home for the last five months...

While Nashville might not have been the musical experience I was expecting, the most unexpected joy of it has been the people I have met. Arriving knowing only two friends I had made in Cape Town in August last year, I left last week to a thunderous farewell and many promises of a speedy return.

My time in Nashville was a huge growth curve for me. I had to deal with being alone a lot of the time and then watch amazed as my life started to fill with incredible people who just opened up their hearts and homes to me.

WellingtonI got to stay with my friends Susannah and Zulu for the first few weeks and they were my lifeline as I adjusted to the newness of everything. Through them I got to meet Marrah, Lauren and Jackie who work aMarrahmet tLaurenme_1heir store Ashblue and they quickly welcomed me into their world and I even got to work with them for a few months to keep the bills paid. Susannah’s cousin generously loaned me a car for my time there, so I was able to get around to gigs which was a god-send!    

Crossroads Within two days of arriving I wandered into a bar downtown to watch a show and before I knew it I left with a booking to play there that Friday. LBluebirdee ‘you look bad’ Rascone who booked me on blind faith, continued to be my musical godfather while I was in town and included me in countless writer’s nights. A few weeks later at a meeting with a manager I got chatting to a girl in his office who then booked me to play at the legendary Bluebird Café for their Chick Singers Night – amazing!  That gig was incredible and they booked me to play there again in January and through that I landed my show in New York at The Bitter End.

Life is full of amazing synchronicity!

1202 Tinajackme In December I finally found a permanent place to stay and moved into the most beautiful home in East Nashville. As life works in wonderful ways, my home was made possible by a gorgeous singer Mandy, who I met when I first arrived and who made sure I was always included in her plans, her gigs and then her old room! Her dear friend and my roommate Tina, her dog  Jackson, and boyfriend Michael, quickly became my second family in Nashville and my time living with her gave me such a sense of belonging and when I packed up my things last week I was really devastated to be leaving!

TinamandymeMandy and Tina threw me an incredible farewell last Tuesday night and as I looked around at all the beautiful people I have met in Nashville I felt eternally grateful for the experience I have had and for having the courage to go there in the first place! Everyone seemed to sad to see me go and I even had a friend Mark Hall  write a country song about my time in Nashville called The Ballard of Verity complete with a Southern country Markme_1twang! It was a moment that further affirmed what a magical planet we Deeveelive on where so many inspiring people are out there just  waiting for us to cross their paths if we take the risk and just step out of our front doors. 

Thank you Nashville for making me so welcome in your bustling Music City, for leading me to all the people I needed to meet and for leaving such warm and fond memories in my heart. I look forward to seeing you all again soon.