Newyork On Wednesday March 1st, I found myself sitting in JFK airport waiting for my flight to London and have an incredibly satisfied feeling washing over me. Outside I could see my Aer Lingus plane with a bright green clover leaf on its tail and it felt like a fitting sign for my time in America and this last weekend in New York – so much LUCK!

New York sucked me off the speeding subway and spewed me headlong into its mad, heaving rush. After what now seems like a sleepy 5 months in Nashville I was catapulted into the mayhem that is Brooklyn and stood shivering outside the station as my friends Nicole and Mike Rennie came to collect me.

Nickme_2It was incredible to see familiar faces from back home and to stOnbridge_2ep right back into being with dear friends and feeling so welcome in their gorgeous newly weds apartment. My next treat was reconnecting with Nick Turner and getting to watch

him and Mike better known as Mikanic play their magic SA music at the Madiba

restaurant on Saturday night. Half way through their Mikanic_4set they invited me up to jam with them, and in that moment it felt like I was already home.

The weekend was filled to the brim with taking in China Town, Little Italy, Soho, Central Park, negotiating the subwaTsotsiys and bracing the minus 10 weather to take the Staten Island Ferry and have my first glimpse of that famous Lady Nicolenickmestaring triumphantly out to sea.    I was swept up in the heartbeat of the city – the lights, infinite cultures coexisting, the cabs, the billowing   in the streets, the smells of every kind of food – the life that exudes every minute! We even got to take in the SA film Tsosi and I was blown away by its powerful impact on the crowded cinema – and sooo proud to see a movie from home that is making the world take notice of the awesome talent SA has to offer.

By TueDeenasday I was shattered and took the day to get packed and then prepare myself for my show at The Bitter End.  I arrived for my sound check at 5pm and received a warm welcome from Chick Singers Night host Deena Miller who I had been in email contact with. Deena booked me for the show last month on a ‘gut feeling’ and made my first gig in NY a possibility. The band for the evening ran through each of my songs once and I was blown away by talented they were.

Bitterend_singThe actual show was AMAZING! The place was packed and I was amazed to see how many people had come to support me – including Sarah & Juliet who I met on the plane to NY, a friend from asmallworld network and all my SA friends in full force. When I got up to sing I felt such a rush of love from everyone there and in that instant I knew everything would go wonderfully. The band played like absolute stars and the applause at the end of the first song was exhilarating.

It was big moment for me to realize that here I was, in New York, on stage at a legendary venue, supported by a full band with old and new friends in the audience. My entire trip to America seemed to culminate on stage last night and if anything it strengthened my resolve to come back and perform as much as I can.


This journey has been memorable in so many ways and I am grateful to have ended it on such a high note. I leave behind friends in Nashville and now New York. I leave behind a girl who started out a little uncertain and who now heads out into the unknown embraci ng anything life might throw at her. I take with me memories and friends that I am so glad I had the chance to e xperience.

I look forward to coming back and taking a much bigger bite!