Londoneye1_1  On March 2nd I touched down in London after a pretty painless flight from New York and it felt really great to be back in the big old city I called home 7 years ago.

It was awesome to get reacqainted with every that is London in the 5 days I was there - especially some very close friends I don't get to see quite enough of!  Needless to say my days were packed with catching up with everyone I could squeeze a visit to, and lots of celebrating was done in smokey pubs in Clapham!

I will post some pics soon, but all that remains to be said is that I just LOVED being a typical tourist in a city I used to live in. I took in as many sights as I could and enjoyed listening to good old cockney accents all around me. It felt like a nice transition in my journey home and following the epic few days in New York, I felt like a true world traveller.

London will always have a special place in my heart and I hope to be myself organised enough to book some shows and perform there sooner rather than later!