WithkidsSo much has happened since I got home to Cape Town at the beginning of March that I am reeling from the magic that runs through life when we commit to being open!

A few days after getting home a friend of mine told me about a free holistic university that is being set up for 43 previously disadvantaged students - about 5 hours from Cape Town in a place called Karatara just outside Sedgefield.  I just had to go and see how I could help....

As of 3 weeks ago they arrived at the donated building for the university and were sleeping on the floor and having lectures seated on paint cans and coke crates. My friend Sarah's brother James and sister Amanda heard about it and gave up their jobs to go and try help get things going for the kids and before I knew if I was in a car driving up tables, chairs, fridges etc (paid for my Sarah & her husband - amazing to say the least) to help them get started.

SoccerteamIt was humbling and inspiring to meet these kids with so much spirit despite the hardship they may have endured. There are no lecturers there  yet so anyone and everyone is pitching in with lesso ns based on their personal journeys etc. They asked me to talk to the kids about the music industry and being a singer and it was mindblowing to just do it and trust the words would come. I then sang a song of mine for them called “Shine” and by the second chorus they all joined in and it was the most uplifting experience of my life to really see my music doing what I envision it doing - reaching people .

They have asked to have Shine as the school song, and I can't think of a better place for it to be sung on a regular basis where the intention is to empower them to SHINE where they ARE!!!

Since coming back and setting up as much as we could - pretty much transforming the place as they now have desks, chairs, shelves etc care of my wonderful friend Sarah - there have continued to be miracles of incredible donations to get the project off the ground including 43 brand new laptops being given to them last week!

ITeam am off there again tomorrow with a friend who will be leading some lecturers with them on the power of setting intentions and reprogramming negative mindsets to help us achieve our goals. I have no idea what will come of it, but I feel blessed to be in the position to go and help where I can.

If you would like to find out more or get involved with donations of money or supplies etc, please mail me! verity@iamverity.com