Mimivee_jhbOn Saturday 2nd September, Donna and I headed down to Zoolake to watch Mimi Ntenjwa (my first Live your Dreams artist) sing at the Jazz on the Lake Festival.

Unbeknowns to us, it is a huge annual event so on our way we discovered all the roads were blocked. It was hectic! A rather friendly policeman told us we needed to get access passes from the Rosebank Policestation which sounded like a huge effort. He then told us to park our car and miraculously produced a 'residents pass' that he said he was willing to part with for the reward of a 'cooldrink'. I sat there in awe as Donna negotiated the price of the cooldrink (luckily on R20) and we were cordially let through the booms. My first true experience of bribary – hilarious!

Mimi_autograph Once at the lake it became apparent that the roadblocks had deterred most of the crowd, as the expected 20000 people was a paltry 1500. We had by that stage missed Mimi, but she came and found us in the crowd to say hi. It was awesome to see her walking towards us and then having to stop and give her autograph to a fan! I am so blown away by how much she has achieved since getting up to Joburg and am so happy that she was the first LYD artist we got to help!

She is performing pretty much full time and still has a lot of interest from people in the demo LYD paid for. We discussed the possibility of us doing a show together when I am next in Joburg, so that is something exciting to look forward to....

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