Here's a complete miracle that happened recently....

Educor_logo I approached the Hennie Louw, the MD of Educor (the largest private education facitility in Africa ) to see if I could possibly give a bursary away at a woman's center I was singing at.

New_02_1The response I got was overwhelming! After reading about what the centre does, he offered me 14 Bursaries valued at R5000 each to award! The power they will have to change these women's lives is beyond description.  I was so blown away by his generosity that I set up a meeting to say thank you and discuss how it would work. In that meeting he informed me that he would like to have me as an ambassador for INTEC and as such would give me 60 bursaries a year (total value R300,000) to give to South African's in need. Educor have also taken on sponsoring all my printing costs for flyers/posters & tshirts – amazing!!!

SaartjiebaartmanIntecbursary_1 It is such an incredible honour to be in the position to award education opportunities like I am handing out movie tickets! From the few bursaries I have already awarded this year (Saartjie Baartman, POWA, Mimi Ntenjwa, Carola Samsodien, Lungiswa Sithole & Terence Marawa), it has been fantastic to see how people respond to the news, and how dedicated they are to making full use of the opportunity.

I feel so blessed to have started a project of selling a CD that doesn't exist yet and to have ended up being able to give away education to those who really need it. I always knew I wanted my music to make a difference – but what blows me away is that I am getting to inspire and make a difference and my music isn't even out there yet!

That is the power of committing to something and trusting the magic will show up! Try it.... let me know what happens : ) is where I started my dream & waited for the miracles to show up. This is just one of many...  join me on the journey today & become a Future Owner - it is that easy