Tonyveenelsonhelder_1 On September 30th we played a show at the V&A Amphitheatre from 5-6pm. Despite the fact that Cape Town is supposed to be in full Spring mode - it was a freeeeeeeeeeezing  day.  We arrived at the Waterfront around 4pm to start getting ready, and the place was deadly quite with everyone keeping indoors.

The band and I were stomping our feet to try and keep warm and it felt like it was going to be a tough gig... Amazingly though, once we started playing people came out and braved the cold with us. It was incredible to get a very cold crowd warmed up and singing along.  After the first 2 songs I had completely forgotten about the weather and we had a blast. As we finished the last song the heavens opened up and the rain came down - the timing couldn't have been more perfect!!!


Thanks to all the brave people who stomped their feet with us -

including some  local is lekker dudes Img_2939_1and foreign visitors!