I am starting to get a more full time band together which I am just loving! It is awesome to meet for rehearsals and work on the songs and watch them grow.

The longest standing members of my band are the super chilled, unbelievably talented bass player & drummer Helder Gonzaga & Tony Paco from Mozambique.

TonyHelderveeHelder has been with me since 2004 and truly is the backbone of my band on stage. He knows my songs inside out but still manages to bring something new and fresh every time we play. Tony has also been playing with me since 2004, but it has been a year since we worked together as I was in the States and then he was touring Asia. He recently returned home and was back in the drumming seat in no time.

TexitoveeNext is the very recent addition of Texito Lange who has been drumming for me while Tony was away – also from Mozambique.

Texito is one of the most gentle souls I have ever met, and yet he has so much funk and groove behind the kit! He is really starting to gel with my tunes and has already brought some great new rhythms to some of my older tracks. As the band grows I am hoping he will add his percussion skills to the music  while Tony continues on drums! On top of being generally great, he also has been actively promoting me in Mozambique for us to get booked there, so watch this space.....

NelsonveeThen - on keyboards I have been blessed with massively talented player hailing from  Congo – Nelson Malela! Nelson brings with him a zest and enthusiam for life and music that is infectuous. He is completely dedicated to my project and music and blows me away with his eagerness to rehearse and work on new songs. He plays two keyboards on stage which means we are starting to bring some interesting sounds into the music. With him and Texito working together there is an increasing African flavour to a lot of the tracks!

Ironically, no-one in my band currently is originally from South Africa. I am from Zimbabwe, Helder & Tony & Texito are from Mozambique (speaking Portuguese) and Nelson is from Congo (speaking French). We are an eclectic bunch and are getting to make some really magic music together as it is the only language common to us.Tonyveenelsonhelder Redcross_band_1