A while back I wrote about my friend Ingrid whose domestic worker Gloria needed R7250 to complete her degree in Xhosa and Social Studies. So many people where inspired by her story that neary all the money was raised in a few weeks.

Most inspiring to me was that two Future Owners who read my blog sent me offers to help her. Helmar, Future Owner #47-48 , kindly paid the outstanding amount and helped ensure that Gloria has the opportunity to live her dream and empower herself with a really great job!

Rob , Future Owner #217 , also offered to help just as Helmar had paid his donation. So instead of letting Rob's generosity go to waste, I referred him to the Eden Campus in Karatara where sponsorship for students is desparately needed. He had committed to paying one months tuition for a student in September! www.edencampus.org   

Thank you both for your amazing generosity of spirit. It will be visited back to you ten fold!