On Wednesday 6th September I got to see what the main aim of my trip to Joburg was for. Donna and I found ourselves in the foyer of the SABC building at 6.45pm waiting to be met by Bryan Hattingh – a presenter of a great programme called Risky Business on Radio 2000.

Donna couldn't resist the temptation to walk up to the 5fm studio and stick my Lucky Packet Poster on their window facing in. It was hilarious! All the DJ's walked over and were reading it and clearly having a discussion! We will wait to see what comes from that....

Img_0532 But back to Bryan Hattingh and Risky Business.... He collected us and after negotiating the archiac security system we were lead into the bowels of the SABC. I would have needed a trail of crumbs to find my way out, so we stuck close to Bryan the whole way! He is one of the most inspirational men I have ever met and his views on life and business left me feeling totally committed to Lucky Packet! We had an awesome hour long interview and it was great experience for me – even with a listener calling in and me having to answer questions on the spot!

I am pleased to say Bryan signed up for 2 Future Copies there and then, and gave the second on to Benny his amazing studio producer. It was a very special evening and I felt very grateful to have had my first national radio interview – for an hour nogal!!!  The response to the show on my site was amazing with a whole bunch of new Future Owners joining my journey - welcome all!

Do yourselves a favour if you are in SA and tune into Radio 2000 on Wednesdays from 7-8pm to catch some refreshing views on business practice in SA!