Mrprice_2 After my visit to POWA I was armed with a list of what POWA needs for their two shelters I headed off to go shopping! Being totally new to Joburg it was daunting to say the least heading off into the traffic with Donna's car. I ended up at Mr Price Home Store in Sandton City and decided that was as far as I was going to go on my own! I spent the next two hours entertaining the staff with the epic task of buying dinner sets, cutlery and linen. My wonderful helper was Yvonne who loved helping me choose duvet coverts and dinner set designs.

There was one woman looking at linen with me, and when we started chatting I discovered she was buying stuff for a children's Mrpricebill_1home outside of Joburg. It was weird to say the least  that we ended up next to each other with such similar tasks to do. Because I was quite a spectacle with all the linen spread around me, quite a few people stopped me to ask why I was buying so many duvet covers and I told them about POWA and the shelter. One woman just threw her arms around me and hugged me saying how grateful she was to know that artists were commited to helping abuse survivors. It was quite emotional – hugging a complete stranger and connecting on the level of wanting to help those in SA who are less fortunate than us.

The next day, loaded with my purchases I got to do my first charity payout to POWA in the form of linen and crockery for their Westrand Shelter. It was amazing to arrive at their headquarters and then get driven by Desmond (their dedicated driver for getting women to the Sheltersmiles_1 shelters/court/out of abusive homes) to the shelter.

The location of each shelter is highly confidential, as many of the women there are in danger of their husbands killing them. It really brought home to me how tragic the cycle of abuse can become! On getting there I got to meet the two incredible women who run the shelter. They were over the moon with the duvets and dinner set and shared with me that until our donation they had been sharing 1 teaspoon between 10 women. It defies comprehension for those of us who have drawers filled with cutlery and basis neccesities.

What was apparent to me in my visit was that my donation barely scrapes the surface. They still need a lot of donations to make the shelter as comfortable for the women staying there as possible, so that it can become a place of healing and hope.3 in 1 (Printer, fax & photocopier)

If you are inspired to help them out, I have included a list below of what they need. I can't stress enough how amazing it felt to know I was contributing to such a worthy cause, so please see if you can to......


  • 20x Blankets

  • 10 x Dbl Duvets

  • 10 x Three quarter (Duvet cover set)

  • 6 x Heaters (preferably - wall heaters)

  • Pot set (Different sizes)

  • 1 x Wall clock

  • 1 x Dinner set

  • 1 x Iron)

  • 1 x Electric Kettle)

  • TV set

  • 1 x Carpet


  • 8 x Bed linen for single beds (comforters, sheets, pillow cases etc)

  • 2 x Iron

  • 1 x Ironing Board

  • 1 x TV stand

  • 5 x Hand towels

  • 7 x Single beds

  • 1 x Microwave

  • 2 x Electric Kettle