I recently flew up to Joburg for a week's visit for press interviews and to do my first POWA payout. Since I have sold nearly 800 Future CD's, there is quite a bit of cash available to give to POWA.

Donna (my fabulous manager) collected me from the airport and after a quick lunch we headed to the POWA headquarters in Berea. It was quite an introduction to Joburg for me, as they are situated in the heart of Hillbrow and the surrounding area is pretty run down and poverty striken. It was really great to finally meet some of the people responsible for keeping POWA going and to see where they work.

They have 3 houses that their offices and counciling rooms are spread between. Carrie Shelver – who heads up Carrieveenehwohcatherinetraining and public awareness – Nehwoh & Catherine gave us a quick tour and some insight into the incredible work they do for women getting out of abusive situations, from psychological councilling, to legal advice, to getting them into an anonymous shelter if they are in danger.

The statistics they shared with us are terrifying and it really brought home to me how vital it is that people talk about abuse so that the silence of violence is broken. After our meeting I felt more committed than ever to raise my voice and stand for women being empowered where traditionally they are silent and to spread a message of people learning to believe in themselves and know their rights so they can make choices that honour their self worth.

IntecbursaryI am pleased to say that I was able to give POWA two INTEC Bursaries worth R5000 each that they are going to award to the winners of their annual Writer's Competition.

I am really excited to be involved with their work in a small way and am hugely grateful that INTEC have made it possible for me to hand over such an incredible education opportunity.

The way I get to help POWA is through every person who buys a Future Copy of my album. For R150 it is pretty amazing that not only will you get a CD in a few months time, but you will also get to see how your purchase made a difference for an incredible cause. www.iamverity.com/order.htm is where you get to join this journey...