The band and I got to perform at a very special evening recently for an organisation called Infinite Woman that was raising money for the Saartjie Baartman Centre. The theme was - 'live your best life' – come as yourself in 10 years time and spend the entire evening talking about all the things you have achieved, seen, done etc.

The premise – if you act as if it has already happened, then life will deliver it to you!

HiphopHiphop2My day started on a tricky note, when I realised I need a ballgown and discovered my wardrobe was sadly lacking in such attire. Never one to be discouraged I thought what the hell and called up Hip Hop and asked if they fancied dressing me for the night. To my delight they said yes and within 20minutes disaster was averted and I had been decked out in this lavish affair!

Thanks HIP HIP - you guys were awesome!

We had a blast on stage and I chatted to the audience about how incredibly well the Lucky Packet Project had done back in 2006 with 5000 Future Owner's buying the album and creating it with  me. I remembered our first sold out world tour, the interview with Oprah, the grammies, the fun! I spoke Dabandabout how much awareness we had raised for POWA and how awesome it is that now in 2016 Woman Abuse is not the huge problem it once was. I spoke proudly of how wonderfully Live Your Dreams is doing as a foundation and how many hundreds of artists we have helped to get out there and shine!

All it all it was an epic evening and a fantastic exercise in feeling yourself already where you want to be and acting as if you cant fail because it has already happened! TRY IT SOMETIME – IT IS AWESOME....