Infinitewomensirusynnov Since committing to raise awareness about woman abuse in South Africa, I have run into so many incredible initiatives that are making a difference and empowering survivors of abuse. I was invited by an organisation called Infinite Woman to talk and perform at a fund raising event for The Saartjie Baartman Center in Mannenberg in Cape Town back in July. (Apologies for taking so long to post a story about it!)

VeritysingingInfinite Woman have nominated the centre as their charity of choice and were having the event to celebrate their partnership. Patricia DeLille was a guest speaker and attended the event in her capacity as an empowered South African woman and not a politician. I was invited along to sing and talk about the power of our dreams to shape our future. It was pretty daunting to stand up and share my beliefs with women who come from situations that are sometimes beyond comprehension.

The amazing thing for me, was that as I started to talk I shifted the focus from what I had planned and started to share from my personal experiences in relationships that didn't serve me and how I had empowered myself to start making different choices. From there I could explore the opportunity we have to acknowledge our past but choose not to have it determine where we go.

New_02 A complete miracle that happened around the day was that I approached the MD of Educor to see if I could possibly give a bursary away to help one of the women going through the center. INTEC had already given me 2 bursaries last year to give away through my Lucky Packet Project, so I wasnt sure what he would say. The response I got was overwhelming! After reading about what the centre does, he offered me 14 Bursaries valued at R5000 each to award to Saartjie Baartman! The power they will have to change these women's lives is beyond description. I felt so humbled to be a part of making that possible, and the response to the news from the staff and women at the centre was incredible!