TV or not TV?

Some exciting news on the acting front for me is that I have just landed a small role in a new MNET Mini Series "Ella Blue". What is great is that I play a pianist so will get to combine music and acting for the first time ever!  For those of you who have ever seen me play live you will know it is a rare occurance, so this is going to really stretch me to bring out my old classical training tricks! The series is being shot out in Arniston and is set in 1960's SA dealing with the reclassification issues that mixed race families dealt with on the west coast. It is being directed by Daryl Roodt and I am excited to be a part of the story they are telling.

Life is amazing in that it never rains but pours, and shooting starts on Monday so I have had to reschedule our pre-production rehearsals which I was champing at the bit to begin. It was a tough call - do I take the part the mess the guys around, or lose the part so we can get the album going?

Brian, Paul and the band have been amazingly flexible and I will let you know when we get things back on the road for the rehearsals. Paul is still flying down though so I will have a full day tomorrow working on songs with him so not all is lost!  Here's to movies, music and magic!