A few days ago I went to watch Marie Antoinette and while I found it a rather slow movie, it did capture the opulence and frivolity of the era in a tragically beautiful way. With my knowledge of the history of that time, it was disturbing to watch the lifestyle the royals adopted with no apparent awareness of the plight of the common people. The film is very clever in the way that it never reveals the other side of France, as at the time the royals most likely never saw any of the poverty the masses endured while they were safely enveloped by the palace gardens..

It is a tale of how greed and indulgence led to the ultimate ruin of the monarchy. What really spoke to me was how completely unaware they were of how their lifestyle was impacting an entire country. It got me thinking about An Inconvenient Truth and what it points out to all of us how our lifestyles are impacting the planet. Watching the royals feast on meals of indescribable extravagance and indulge in orgies that left each room littered with half eaten plates of food, drew my attention back to how most of the western world lives and how it is depleting the planet at such a frightening rate. It hit me that just because I may not see the impact of my actions in the way that I live, doesn't mean that I will be protected from the repercussions of them down the line. Perhaps the revolution we are creating is one that is fought with hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes?

It brings me back to my song Devastation - "and I wonder how it came to be, that devastation is the only way we see? How fragile we are - and we finally open up our hearts..."