A few months back I was absolutely blown away to discover an article in Spanish in an Argentina newspaper about my project – amazing! All of a sudden I had a Future Owners from Argentina! I then received an email from a guy named Alejandro, telling me how much he loved the story of me selling my CD before I record it, and how he really wanted to buy one but didn’t have a credit card. He promised me that he would make a plan.

Argentinamoney_1The weeks went by & I forgot all about Alejandro’s promise. Out of the blue I received an email from him with the most bizarre news…. He runs a bed & breakfast in Buenos Aires & had had a South African girl staying there. He told her about my project & asked if she had heard from me. She stunned him by replying that we had gone to university together! They then agreed that he would give her the $24 for my CD & she would look me up in Cape Town.

When Nicola was back in Cape Town we finally hooked up and she handed me the envelope Alejandro had put his money in. It was such a show of faith on his part to believe so much in my dream of selling my CD before I record it, that he was happy to part with his casFrenchmoney_1h & trust it would reach me! He is future owner #364.

 In another amazing incident, I had a future owner in France try to buy a copy unsuccessfully online. He then proceeded to post me the 20euros for the album along with a really cute letter to let me know a little bit more about him. Remy is Future Owner #661 and it was incredible to receive some foreign mail and foreign currency in support of my dream of recording this album and making a difference.

These are the magic things that are happening in the project & I am so glad I had the guts to start it, otherwise I would never had discovered support like Alejandro’s & Remy's from two different continents!