I have just gotten back from singing Shine and talking about The Lucky Packet Project to Robin Bank's Mind Power group in Durban. There were 260 people in the room and it was my first time to ever sing in Durban which was awesome.

I was on a complete high already as on Monday I sang and spoke to Robin's group in Joburg and had 25 new future owner join the project! We then jumped into a chauffer driven car at 11.30pm and were driven for 4 hours to the Drakensberg Sun where Robin was scheduled to do a talk at 9am the next morning. I loved the experience of having a car waiting for us to get to the next talk and it was exhilirating to wake up at 7.30am and be greeted by the breathtaking view of the Drakensberg Mountains from the hotel room! I got to sing to the entire management staff of Tsogo Sun overlooking a still lake reflecting the looming mountains – I mean what a blessed setting to do what I love to do!

But I digress – my excitement comes from last night's experience. Not only am I getting to sit on the Mind Power course and get hugely inspired to keep my daily practices of visualising where I want my career to go; affirming what I want to show up in my life and remembering to be grateful for everything I am experiencing, BUT – I am also getting to be infront of incredible inspired audiences and share my story and vision with them. Last night that resulted in 40 more Future Owners joining my journey and me having the delightful problem of actually running out of the free demos I give away!

In the last week I have had 160 people become Future Owners
and help me prove that nothing is impossible when we dare to dream and get out there and make life happen for ourselves. Thank you thank you thank you!