Wib_2Who would have thought two years ago when I started the Lucky Packet Project to sell my album way before it existed, that the subsequent journey would result in me becoming a speaker on innovation and thinking out the box?  Well that is how it has unfolded and on the 1st of August I found myself as one of the main speakers as the Women In Business Conference run by the Graduate School of Business at UCT!

I shared the stage with women who are CEO's of companies (Yolanda Cuba, Patricia Norris)Verityonstage, MBA graduates (Ziggy Owei) and national media icons (Patricia Glynn) - it was daunting and so exciting at the same time to realise that my story is worth of such great company. Delivering my 40 minute talk on thinking out the box and doing things differently I became aware of how powerful this journey has been. That it has not just been about creating an album, but has actually become a flagship project for possibility and innovation to inspire other people to see how they can approach their dreams in a fresh and new way. I finished my talk with "Shine" and had the 200 women attending the conference up and singing "I'm going to shine" over and over again. It felt amazing to hear them all affirming that right for themselves!

The MBA students that organized the events blew me away with how they pulled everything together and at the end of the day they had raised R70,000 for a bursary fund for women who cant afford MBA fees. I loved every minute of the event and gained so much value from the other speakers as well. I am thouroughly enjoying all this speaking at the moment and it awesome that every event creates the opportunity for more people to become future owners - 30 more who joined me after this one!