I recently was interviewed for the ZAShow Podcast and asked whether I think record labels are a thing of the past - given that I am choosing to pursue the independent route and use the internet as my strongest ally in the process.

It got me thinking about that and I have to say that I think labels are very necessary for creating 'pop stars' of the Britney and Christina caliber. Artists like them need a marketting machine to drive their success coupled with access to brilliant songwriters and they rarely start out there career gigging and trawling around sound equipment from one dodgey venue to the next.

BreakfreejpgBut, I do think that for artists and bands choosing to take the slower road of building a fan base through performing can also really work for them when they decide to record an album and release it. The internet has definitely opened up the music industry to so many nuances and possibilities that independent artists can use to their advantage. I sit here in South Africa with hundreds of people from all over the world visiting my site and buying my album before it is even recorded because they like my story and want to be a part of it. 15 years ago this wouldn't have been possible for me and now I am getting to carve out a new approach to my chosen career and empower myself and others in the process. I think that labels are very necessarOutthebox2y and really work for the artists who make it big, but often for the bands who get signed and then shelved because the execs lose interest in them, a record deal can be a prison sentence.

The trick nowadays is to build up a strong support base before you even think of approaching a label for a deal. The more leverage you have the better the deal you will sign. In the end life is really about the journey that gets you to the goals you set for yourself, and for me I am loving this process of selling an album that isn't even there yet and then watching the unexpected things that are happening as the result of just committing to make it happen.  Getting out the box and doing things differently is the best thing I have ever don