Today it is 4years exactly since I played my first ever show with a live band at Mercury Live.  I remember so clearly the thrill of being booked to play the Uncircled gig and having to rush to put a band together. My good friend David Foster pulled in with his band to come to my rescue and after two rehearsals we were apparently ready to go. I had David on guitar, Jan Krynauw on keyboards and from DNA Strings – Iwan on drums and Jaques on bass.  It was a mad scramble to send out emails and sms's to tell the world I was finally ready to perform and I can still remember going to Mercury to collect the posters and seeing my name in print for the first time ever - surreal.

While collecting the posters I got chatting to a guy who was asking lots of questions about my music and when I eventually asked him what he did, I was rightfully embarrassed to realise I had been chatting to Theo Crous from the Nude Girls!  I think he found my naievity entertaining and offered to come play guest guitar on “Wherever Love Goes” at the show.  And so, four years ago I stepped onto stage with some amazing musicians, a huge crowd supporting me and a healthy dose of guts,  and started to truly follow my dream.

It has been quite a journey since and looking back I am in awe of the twists and turns it has taken me on. It hasn't always been easy and there have been days when I thought I didn't have another step in me, but here I am four years down the road and about to finish my album.  Thank god for first steps and for life coming at us one day at a time!