ChaelicottageI have written quite a lot about Chaeli Campaign and the amazing work they do assisting disabled children. A few months back they ran an initiative for people to pledge R100 a month to help them pay the bond on their new office and I am a proud pledge partner and was thrilled to go to their office warming the other night and sing a song to everyone gathered.

As a gift a friend had drawn a beautiful sketch of the new house but what made the picture spectacular was that all the shading is made up of every name of each  pledge partner. I was blown away at the ingenuity and then realised with a flash that it is the perfect thing for me to do for my album art as a way of incorporating each future owner's name into the album! 2000 odd names is going to be a lot of work for whoever designs the cover, but I am convinced it will be stunning so will keep you posted!