Tanya_fpWhen I sang at The Women's Show back in February, I didn't know that in the audience was an incredibly dynamic woman who is the founder of the Business Network in South Africa (www.businessnetwork.co.za), Tanya Jovanovski. She got chatting to Kirstin - from my management team - and asked if I could be a guest speaker at the various Business Network breakfasts around town to help promote the album and boost sales. 

Preparing a 10 minute talk to deliver to a room full of business owners at seven in the morning was a tall order for a girl who likes her sleep, but I took on the task regardless! It was actually quite fun to work out how I would talk about The Lucky Packet Project and the more I worked on the speech the more present I got to how amazing this journey is proving to be.

All of sudden I am being thrust into public  speaking, not only about my album and encouraging people to join my project, but also talking about the power of intention and dreams to create magic in our lives if we just step out there and take a chance. I deShine_4cided that part of my presentation should include a song, so Nelson and I headed off to my producer friend Selwyn's studio to lay down a rough piano backtrack for Shine.

Suddenly I was ready to go, and before I knew it one morning I was up and showered by 6am and bundled into a car with Donna and Kirsten to go and do my first talk.  As I finished singing Shine I was greeted with a standing ovation and a huge rush for people to sign up at Future Owners. It was awesome!  Since then I have spoken at numerous breakfasts and gain more support each time. I have sold over 100 albums in the last month which is epic!

It is pretty fantastic to be discovering that speaking is something I enjoy and that I can inspire people with my story as well as my music. YAY!