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our campaign: " Enough is Enough" aims to help end abuse against women and children in South Africa and globally

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The Willow Foundation’s purpose is to promote peace and harmony in South African homes by educating and providing skills to dis-enabled women to assist them in enhancing self-love and their self esteem so that they can educate their children, our future leaders. 


  • 8 out of 10 women are abused emotionally or physically in South Africa
  • Every 6 hours a woman is murdered by her intimate partner.

Having healed from her own experience of being in three abusive relationships, the founder and CEO of The Willow Foundation felt the need to share her story in a book called The Relationship Magnet that gives people life-changing advice based on lessons in her own life and intensive research of other cases.  Through this process she discovered that not many people know that they are in abusive relationships.  Through social conditioning and old beliefs systems women do not realize that the way they are being treated is not normal or acceptable and that they can change it.  When they do decide to leave or change their situation, they do not know who to turn to or where to go. 

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