I am adjusting to working 12 hours a day on all my songs for the album and learning to keep perspective on what they will actually sound once we have started recording in the studio. It is definitely pushing me to think outside everything I know about my music and consider new and better ways for each song to sound. Paul McIver is a dream to work with – he allows me all the space I need to get my head around changes as we go along.

While I was shooting Ella Blue in Arniston I took my keyboard up with me and for the first time since I was 17 I revisted my old classical pieces and spent hours practicing them for fun. Amazingly I am seeing the huge payoff of that as I am playing the keyboard in studio with massively increased confidence and have come up with some beautiful new piano parts for some of my songs have lots of new song ideas popping into my mind daily. Can't wait to record a second album!