Right through my childhood, piano lessons were the bain of my life. I spent each week trying to distract my lovely teacher Hennie DeBruin from making me play the classical pieces I hadn't practiced. I refused to learn music theory and avoided any live performances like the plague. On the rare occasion that I had to play at a school concert, I would go into a state of terror and try to play it as fast as I could to get off stage. (Hard to believe I perform for a living these days...)

Two years ago exactly I found myself back in Miami unpacking all my belongings that I had left there eighteen months earlier. Plugging in my old keyboard, the song I wrote that day was “Box of Photographs” and it became a firm favourite at my live shows in Nashville for the next six months. Now it has been voted in as one of the songs for the album and we have decided that I will play it myself – yikes!

This a big fear for me to face as I always let better pianists than me play my songs, but I am up for the challenge. On Thursday 28th September I am booked into the SABC Beach Road Studios to play Box of Photographs on a 7ft Bosendorfer grand piano. I am completely daunted but also excited to know that my album will have one song on it the way I write all of my songs – just me and a piano.