Recently, Dr John F Demartini (The Secret) was in SA running his Breakthrough Experience and promoting his new book Heart of Love. I headed off to one of his public talks with some friends and was blown away to see over 800 people turn up to listen to him. He is one hell of a speaker who really moves and inspires people and it was great to soak up his story and energy. He spoke often of us allowing ourselves to shine and be the best we can be, and I kept thinking 'man, I should be singing to these people, they would love my song Shine!'

So... after much deliberation, I mustered up the courage and joined the queue for his autograph after the talk. I must have let five people in front of me as I tried to work out what to say to him. What came out as I handed him a book to sign was 'Hi Dr Demartini, I am Verity and I am a singer and songwriter. I think that you should have me sing at your talks...' At this point he looked at me like I was a bit strange so I continued... 'you tell people to shine' he nodded (indeed he does), 'I have a song called "Shine" that I think will complete your message...'

VerityjohndemartiniAt this point my palms were sweating. What the hell am I doing was running through my head... He took a moment to take it all in and then asked if I had a CD. Aha - 'I don't' I said 'but there is a piano over there and I can play it for you if you like..'

Well I played and sang Shine for him and when I finished he turned to his agent and asked 'How soon can she start singing at my talks?'.  The gamble had paid off, and the next day I was in Khayelitsha with him singing at his youth development workshop there and again the following week at his Young Adults Inspired Destiny Course. What an experience that just goes to show that you have nothing to lose by stepping out and asking!