Pre-Production in full swing

Paul_thefarmI am back in Cape Town after three incredible days at The Farm Studios in Jozi  working with Paul Mc Iver on four more demos for the album. It is the most amazing process to witness my songs grow from simple piano and vocals to a full production in a matter of hours. I am in awe of the magic that happens when we create anything. We have had so much fun finding drum grooves, tweaking bass lines, sprinkling in percussion and layering guitars and piano parts and watching as each song takes on a life and voice of its own. Every moment that I am in the studio is another minute of living this dream I have spent the last two years building. I am so clear that the time it has taken to reach this point is perfect. It is not something that could have been rushed and the music we are creating now is a result of the journey I have been on.

I will be adding the new sounds onto my songplayer soon so keep an ear out. If you aren't a Future Owner already then now is the perfect time to become one and be part of the voting process when it starts next week!