For a few months now I have been saying I need new pictures taken as I keep having to send magazines and papers a choice of the same three photos - very boring. Things have been so busy that I kept forgetting to organise a photographer and a day to shoot on.


So imagine my delight when I was on the Lisa Nichols tour, that I was approached by a photographer Gary, who offered me a free shoot as his studio Picture Perfect in Durbanville.

Free photo shoots are like winning the lottery! I made sure to follow up with him and book a date and last Friday I got to spend a few hours with Gary and his team and was blown away by the pics he captured in a short time. We had a blast dressing me up in some stunning Hip Hop creations and then getting creative in the studio with lighting and wind! I look forward to getting the finished pics from him and will post some when I do but here are some pics of the shoot in progress.

To book a shoot of your own you can contact Gary...