Bigfellas_banner_layeredLast week I had the pleasure of going to the premier of a proudly South African film BIG FELLAS and was completely blown away! It is an hilarious road trip movie that follows two wannabe film makers (Colin Moss and Ross Garland) on their journey of trying to find a BEE partner so that they can receive funding for their film.

The film is amazingly edited and beautifully shot with a stellar cast of some of SA's finest actors and comedians (Cokey Falkow, Marc Lottering, Louw Venter amongst others). The script has fantastic pace and brilliant comic timing, not to mention a killer soundtrack featuring top SA bands that adds so much colour to the story! I thought it was a fantastic preview of the kind of films we can expect to come from the new generation of SA film makers and a much needed departure from stories dealing with our past. It is wonderfully irreverant and the audience was in stitches from beginning to end.

Big Fellas released nationwide today, so do yourself a favour and round up some friends and make a night of it to go and laugh at the lighter side of living in the new SA and walk away feeling proud about the boundless talent we have in our beautiful country!