The other day I was flying back to Cape Town after a few days in Joburg starting the pre-production work on the album with Brian O'Shea and Paul McIver and was feeling really excited that I am finally seeing my project translating into an actual album!  The plane was scheduled to land at 6pm but at around 5.20pm the pilot announced that we were commencing with our descent and about 15 minutes after that he asked the cabin crew to prepare for landing.

While I sat there waiting for the plane to descend towards my home city, it struck me that landing a plane takes time and preparation, and all of a sudden I realised that this crazy project of mine to raise the recording budget for my dream album has just reached the point where the captain says "We are commencing our descent towards the studio"!!!  I was overcome with excitment just recognising that most of the energy in any journey is in taking off - that is where we burn the most fuel. After that it is a matter of moving forward towards your destination and at times it can feel like you aren't moving that fast because it all seems the same after a while. And then, all of a sudden it is time to buckle up and get ready to land at your destination and preparing to land is as important as taking off and it can take quite some time but you just need to keep reminding yourself that you are almost there.

It is incredible to realize that in the two years since The Lucky Packet Project took off I am finally getting ready to land my band and our songs in studio with one of the best music producers in South Africa and that the only reason we are going to be there is because I dared to launch this idea in the first place.  I am buckled up, my seat is in the upright position, tray table is folded away and I am staring out the window amazed at the awesome destination I am about to find myself in!

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