I seem to have an affinity for one word titles - “Shine”, “Miracle”, “Perfect”, “Raise” and “Careless” are all on the album, as well as my two newest songs “Angel” and “Afraid”. I wrote 'Angel' and 'Afraid' six weeks apart from each other this year just before voting started for the album.

They are in essence complete opposites of each other lyrically – 'Angel' celebrating being able to let the best part of yourself out into the world, and 'Afraid' questioning all the things that hold us back from letting go and just living. But if you think about it, letting go of fears is how we start to access our light and so I am really glad to have them on the album together. They mark my journey of being so terrified to even sing in front of my friends to now fearlessly following my passion and saying its ok for me to want to shine.