Ellablue096A few weeks back I was called back for the final auditions for a lead role in an MNET mini series. The character needed to be played at 19 and 40 years old, so they were looking for an actress they could age both ways. It was a juicy role and I had a lot of fun preparing for it.

 While I was doing the scene for the 19 year old role, the character kept reminding me of Nina Milner– one of the girls who acted in Ella Blue with me. She is 19, very quirky and very talented. I walked out the audition having really enjoyed it but couldn't shake that they should see Nina for the role as well. I phoned her immediately and told her to phone her agent and see if they could get into the callback in Cape Town that afternoon (a very tricky thing to do)! They agreed to see her and she only had two hours to prepare her audition.

I completely forgot about it all until she phoned me to say that she got the role! I was in flood of tears I was so excited – it was mindblowing to know that my intuition had been so spot on! She will be shooting up in Jozi so is taking me out to dinner to celebrate and say thank you. I am stoked that I acted on a feeling and it worked out and that she will be able to continue to be a very busy and working actress with an incredibly bright future!