POWA does invaluable work with victims of woman abuse in South Africa. Frighteningly SA has some of the highest statistics of abuse in the world.

My philosophy to "be you" is easier said than done. Only when we have a valued sense of self worth do we even begin to know who we are. But, if you are in a situation that is harmful to you, and you don't know your own worth, you may tolerate it far longer than is good for you.

No-one deserves to be treated with disrespect or malice in this life & POWA provides a safe haven for women to turn to for help. There is no excuse for abuse & I am committed raising awareness about the problem it is in South Africa. 5.3% of everything I make on the Lucky Packet Project is going to go to help POWA with their work. It has been incredible to already have raised enough money to be able to furnish one of the POWA shelters with blankets, duvets, crockery and cutlery and more recently 3 fax/copiers for them to use in their offices. It is a small start but every little thing helps them with the work they do.

The more albums I sell, the more I can give them, and the more awareness we can create. Not saying anything means we're ok with it not changing.

And nobody knows why it carries on.
Nobody knows, but it still feels wrong.
But maybe tomorrow, well tomorrow it'll change.
And all this anger will go away...