Today is my last day in studio and I am feeling very emotional. I can't believe that it has taken me two and a half years to get to this day and I have to say that I am having trouble letting go. I keep being reminded of my five week walk across Spain, where for the first four weeks all I could think about was reaching the end, and then in the last week all I wanted to do was slow the process and enjoy every step because suddenly finishing meant the end of the experience.  I am physically and emotionally exhausted from the last three months of recording but at the same time I can hardly sleep at night because I am so excited by how it is all sounding and that every song has found its perfect voice.  I know this is really only the beginning of the life of the album but today I am looking back on the road that got me here and shedding a few tears of gratitude.

Blessed doesn't begin to describe how I feel to have run with a crazy idea and to have had so many awesome people step up and support me and make this possible. Not only have we recorded the album but I have ended up becoming a speaker on thinking out the box and I get to share with thousands of South Africans the power of our dreams to change our lives. It has been such an unexpected journey and far tougher and more amazing than I could ever have imagined when I started. Sitting in studio today wanting it to never end, I need to say the biggest thank you to every single person who has shared this road with me and made this dream a reality. You have helped me to do things differently and to make a difference along the way - what a ride!   

As today draws to a close and we shut the studio door and say goodbye to this part of the experience I will be stepping onto a new road of designing the album sleeve and then posting each of you your copy so you can forever know that because of you all of this was achieved.