WDecisionsdecisions002ell - two years to the week since my website went live with the Lucky Packet Project I find myself getting ready to pay the deposit for eight weeks worth of producing and recording the album! I sat in a rather daunting meeting yesterday with Peter Lacey from Musketeer Records while he advised me on the album budget and how best to stretch it to the limits.

(By the end of the meeting I was lying down on the floor wrapped in a blanket trying to get my head around everything - Very glamourous!)

But - even though it is frightening throwing around big figures, the miracle is that we actually have all the cash we need to get started because of the over 1450 Future Owners who have each chipped in R150 towards it. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all their generosity to make this possible. It just goes to show what we can achieve when we all put a little bit in. Not to mention that we have also given nearly R22,000 to POWA and Live Your Dreams in the process!

Decisionsdecisions010_3Ideally I need to sell 500 more copies to cover all the costs (see the scary budget I have included), so if you feel inclined, please jump onto www.iamverity.com/order.htm and buy your copy and get voting on which songs we should record!