Zameervee_2 In August I spoke at the UCT Graduate School of Business – Women in Business Conference, and during my presentation I mentioned that as a result of starting the Lucky Packet Project I was made an ambassador of education for and get to award R5000 bursaries to people I meet through my work. A couple of weeks back I received an email from an MBA student who had heard my speech and he sent through an application to study Textile Design. I was blown away by how much he has achieved already and as an MBA is hugely expensive, it felt right to help him further his studies even more so that he can go into the fashion industry when he graduates.

We met for coffee at Melissa's in GreenPoint where I handed over the bursary and it was awesome to meet someone who took the chance to ask for the support they need in reaching their dreams. I look forward to Zameer keeping me posted of how is course goes. It truly is a priveledge to be able to assist people in this way!