In June last year I started working on a documentary for  SABC2 about teenage survivors of abuse. I was called in to go and work with the four girls from Atlantis just outside Cape Town to help them write a song that would reflect their experience of living where they do and issues they deal with. The most prevalent issue for them is the problem of Tik in their community and they brought me poems they had written about their feelings and fears. Over the course of a few visits out to Atlantis with my keyboard player Nelson we started shaping a song and I was blown away by their voices and commitment to practicing it over and over again.


On Wed 31st January I finally got to get the girls to come into Cape Town to record their song....

I imagine for them coming to a studio here would be the equivalent of me getting flown to New York to record in a top studio there. They were overjoyed to be in studio and to hear the track I had already laid down with the help of Nelson and an incredible producer Selwyn Shandel. The director of the documentary Lungiswa Sithole made sure a camera team was on hand to capture the process of them recording the vocals and getting the song done. They did brilliantly for their first time ever in a studio and I was blown away to be involved in such a powerful project and to play a small part in having them live their dream of recording a song.

Ourvoices_groupThe highlight of the day for me was when at the end we played the track back and all of us danced around the mixing room singing at the top of our voices “These are our stories, these are our voices, these are our lives, these are our choices”.

I will be sure to let everyone know when the program is flighting in March and try to add a clip of the song soon for you to hear...